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blind to business



Not all of Us DO believe everything we are told...and i think people are believing what they are told less and less each's just that we all feel a bit too helpless to really do anything about the Leviathan that has been growing for so long now from us feeding it, that it finally has all the power it needs and doesn't need to be bothered with our anger and complaint anymore than you give a shit what is going on in the 500 ant hills outside of your house on your sidewalks.

Most people long for a stable environment...if they only knew that life in general is pretty much anything...but ever stable.
Life changes on a daily basis...sometimes in a moment to moment time frame.  Stability is an illusion for suckers who long to always feel "Safe".
You can buy some time here and there, but life is a storm...with a few sunny days thrown in to keep it going. 

People believe what they read and what they watch on the news because nobody wants to believe that they are ever being lied to...patriotism mixed with love and ego.  Like when you tell some cat you saw his wife down at the Cool Cat bar, out in the alley blowin' a chump named Fast Eddie...the first thing he is gonna say or do is "bullshit!" and accuse you of's denial and fear...and some people get a lawyer like a father figure to guide them...and some people just get a can get ugly...people fall in love, fall out, your government lies then does some good all what is so fucking "Stable" about that?

If you learn from History
and you understand propaganda and the media...shit man, it's old's just business.  So i don't do business in those markets...

I do business in music...i pay for the album and i get my drug (the music).  It's hard to believe just how many rappers have killed other rappers.... i mean can you imagine Peter Hayes popping a cap in the ass of Alex Maas from the black angels?  Anton maybe, but not Alex.  ( It's a joke) 

Like the old saying's your world man, i just dwell in it.
I just keep myself out of the world's game.
I want no part of it.
I know what it is.  There is NO conspiracy good friends....there is only business.  Violence goes hand in hand with really isn't that dark and deep...if you don't think that people are expendable...then explain all the wars...everybody was expendable, now a days, just not the higher ups.  We are all expendable...not to one and I but to those who 

The day that J.F.K. was assassinated, yes it was dark to those who care and it was vulgar...but when a group moves in on another group that gets in the way of's not really's just when saps say that they were just doing their job.  Well, you picked the job man.  There are choices and you chose badly.

I like to mind my own business, but life is unstable and we find ourselves from time to time in sticky situations, brought on by other learn how to run and get the fuck out when you see that trouble coming down.

Old people believe in FOXX news because they still are under the world war 1 and 2 illusion that we are under the same form of government...they are out of date and out of touch...and younger folks are too busy with cell phones, texting, tv shows and myspace lips, pussy, ass and tallywacker to even know what in the fuck is really happening....not all mind you, but far too many. 

You can go out to a rally and hold your signs and shout your slogans...but in the end it means sweet fuck all. 
So many people need a cause
need a crucifix
need a crusade

Me?  i would just like to get off this planet without ever having bashed anybody's skull in to the root of their neck.

I am with Buddha on this shit...avoid the problem, cause pal, if you think there is gonna come a day when nobody has a problem, you are higher than Icarus my friend.

Let sleeping dogs dream
and love yourself, rock and roll and be helpful and gentle and stick up for yourself of course and remember...

you don't change history as much as history changes you.


Good love to ya kid


P.S.  Not only do we not believe our own words these days....we don't even believe our own <building Seven> 

it's just business.... .*blindness



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