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Breaking the Mold & shedding the Snake skin



Leave Home.  Leave what you know.

Locate your morals or whatever it is that you hold dear and lock it up inside of the apartment in your heart and leave them all behind.  Even if it's only a two week trip.  We are all growing, every second.  Every year we find something new hopefully that speaks to us and we add it on like armor or paint or a cause to rail against.

We are who we are brought up by and most people or shall we say the ones who really need to break that family tradition are never the right racist, or dead end redneck rape and recovery alcoholic children...the cycle just keeps going and nobody breaks the fucking mold and destroys the cycle.

Even if you adore your parents, you still gotta find you're true path.  Every person is unique and all that snowflake shite is true...every motherfucker that ever drew a breath was unique...but not every one of those people remained unique...they became bankers, tax collectors, henchmen, Pinkertons, shitheels, dope fiends, killers and many of my crazy x girlfriends!

You gotta make your own mistakes
live on your own first name
live as nobody and to become the person you want to be is just outside your door.  Like a collage and beautiful collages take time.
You find the music that fits your move, you find the colours, the people, the weather you prefer, the's all a huge collection of little things.....and what happens in your life...has a lot to do with how you are molded...

Sometimes there are certain people and places that you have to discard and get some distance on...not because they have done anything wrong...but sometimes, people with good intentions can prevent each other from fully growing and it stunts both of your growths....sometimes you come back to them or them back to you...sometimes you move on...

If the things you like don't hurt anybody, then get it on.
Life is a constant flux
a constant change
sometimes it changes in a second...sometimes it takes grow everyday...and if you are trying to better yourself...get it on.

I don't know how many fucking people i have been in the last 40 years...but i have gone through some fucking strange changes...

Funerals have molded me
friends who were once vivid but turned into twats have molded me and the way that i think
x girlfriends have molded me and i stripped a lot of bullshit off and dug into the meat of the truth and the truth my friend....was as ugly as the day is fuckun' long...
and yet i found a freedom in it too....

You are not the person you are in school or the person you were in school
You are somebody different to everybody you socialize with.
I am not the same iAN i am with my Mother as the same iAN i am with a certain friend....of course the heart is the same...but i feel different with everybody i know...and they know different sides...these people i know....

I am nobody and
I am someone who feels
I am not a youth shaker
but sometimes I am a dent maker


IF your Father or Mother installed some junk in ya
Fuck it.

Take it out.

bad clothing
these things sometimes get installed and cause shit loads of insanity.

Ever see Black Swan?

Let it go.
Move on.
Listen to the inner God that is You.
You surely must know what is best for you and you alone

it's a bittersweet symphony, right?


walk your own walk
talk your own talk
who gives a shit what the others say
I don't.

You gotta be you for the duration of this life.
Take a pen and paper and write down what you like and how to obtain it
right down things you don't dig about yourself and want to improve
and slowly cross them off your list
give yourself time and room to grow
and don't listen to the buzzards or the statique
listen to your own sacred heart
it won't lie to you
unless you're schitzophrenique

believe in yourself like I believe in You

You can do anything in the world that you dream of doing

I am living fucking Proof.  Fact.

good love and strength to you Brooke and the rest of you free radicals



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