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Crystal 8ball



Reply very fuckun' Peter hazy.

I haven't shared an 8ball of cocaine in quite a few years...i'm not the kinda fellow you wanna see on Cocaine.
My friend Mike, who works as a bouncer and bartender has for years always threatened people that he would break off their neck if he found out
that they were trying to give me "cane"...cause he knew what kind of sick little death i could have if I didn't turn into a basket case first...Thanks for lookin' out for
me Mike...( i think in reality, he just wanted all the "cane" for himself to pack his beak with all night long.

So what does the crystal 8 ball have to say?

It says

Write More Poetry R. Worley

I have seen a clip of you reading and I found it most wonderful.

It also reads

Don't fight brutes on K.U. university campus unless you plan on winning the fight (which you didn't)

It reads

What in the fuck did you do with iAN, to Bob Slobbin's car?

It reads...

Follow your own path of stars
learn from your children and worship the heart of the one you hold dear
check your oil
make sure your petrol ain't on Empty
check your tires
buckle your seatbelt or wear a helmet
Always tail a cop, never let them tail you.
Take the lows with the highs when it comes to family
Don't mix light and dark alcohol
never cheat on your wife or husband
never sleep with a married man or woman
unless you like shotguns kissing your earlobe
It says
If you see a dude in a chinese restaurant kitchen with a scary smile, jerkin' and ah wobblin' over a
saucepan on the stove...don't stick around to eat...leave right then and there

It says
If you see a wounded dog on the street always pull over and help
It says
to not only stop to smell the roses
but SEE the birds in the air
and the Sun glint off of your lover's eyes
It says
take a vacation
It says
Have a drink or two to the old days
It says
Remember your Graveyard Brother iAN
it says
time to go have a drink, iAN
So I am off....

See you round the bend, ol' boy
I raise my glass to You and yours always...

Write more poems Mr. Worley

and love yourself

like I love you



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