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Ain't Ya not ever had Enough Money to buy your way out of a prison... or not enough to buy the dreams you would die to come true... Ain't You never been trapped by a same sided coin? Where You live in a globe surrounded by unfair laws and violent ignorance...ain't You done never lived there? i have...swallowed the nightmare, many a may night, many a fold...many a time... somethin' or somebody don't want me to have nothing...nothing shinin' and new an nothin' warm, dependable, and my Grandma... or my dead dogs and cats i give away ever'thing from my brand new guitars to my leather jackets, the last shirt on my back and my last dollar in paper and in quarters... i never wanted to win...i only wanted to be left alone with my heart's bloody eye... and the song of my true love that would have me for a song to sing... something didn't want us to happen... some kind of law made by people who don't follow 'em none...but shore got them riches, and blood stained hands... to want is to be labeled instantly...and hatred comes in at all angles without angels... from Up On High from the bell towers upside down in Hell ya had best wont to be a clean murder...if it's done outside the city in another land... clean as a commercial whistle...cold kill somebody in town and yer the next charlie mansoon*

Ain't you never wanted to hold somebody without punching a timecard? Never wanted to hold onto somebody so tight, you feel as though your arms were suffering a heart attack? Ever wanna hold somebody without somebody mouthing off something cause they got sweet all fuck nuthin' nobody better to screw with? To Let Time be Itself and to be no one on Time's Mind... To be left Alone for Ages... Uninstigated insectless as quiet as a perforated and hushed kiss blown from the palm of a hand by a mute mime... True Love isn't Queer or Straight True Love has no Name... Two lightning bolts rushing straight at the heart of one another...making half the world jealous of it's electricity... From Romeo and Juliet to the parting of the sea... they'll always separate people like you and people like me.... .*   20663_104548616236361_100000436680882_114183_4255090_n
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