Earlier this week a woman came into my job and sat in my section alone. Despite looking a lil sketchy like she just came off the street, missing teeth and hair a mess, with huge sunglasses that she wore the entire time like she was hiding drug eyes, I treated her with total respect and gave her attentive service with a big smile because she’s human and that’s how people want to be treated. She had two glasses of $10 wine and wasn’t interested in having any food. She asked for the check which I promptly delivered and without even looking at it she handed me a $100 bill and said “Thank you sweetie. You’ve been so kind to me. Keep the change.” Naturally I was very grateful for an $80 tip, but more for the reminder that humans shouldn’t be judged by the way they present themselves to the world. People surprise me all the time.

She came in again today and requested my section. Again, same dance, different $100 bill. This time I took the opportunity to ask her some questions and try to unwrap her story. She just sold a house she’s owned for over 20 years in Shoreline and gave away all of her worldly possessions except for a small suitcase of clothes and one box of paperwork and sentimentals. She has been living in hotels and bed&breakfasts while writing a testimonial book about her relationship with God. She said she’s lived with money and she’s lived with no money and it makes no difference. When she has it she shares it because that generates joy for all involved. She’s right. And she can sit in my section with her unkempt hair and big sunglasses forever. When you show people grace and kindness free from any societal standards or judgment clouding your thoughts, words, or actions you reap rewards in many forms. Humility is golden.

– Hannah Haddix

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