We read about messed up people’s vulgar displays on social media, we reach for the news and it only creates a more distorted picture and everywhere we look now, there is something disorienting or disgusting going on, so its a pretty Big goddamn Deal when your favorite Rock’n’Roll band is
in your town, on your streets, a few miles away.  They speak in a language that you can understand, they see with your eyes and through electricity they reach down in all those places inside and play those chords, bang those drums and sing in your inner voice in a way that somehow helps to make some sense out of all the mayhem, the double speak, the crossword puzzle talk, and the numbness, the longing, the void…

i have an electronic friend who checks up on me from time to time, always wishes me a good day and says that he hopes I’m ah doing fine and of course tells me how much he just wants to go Rock’n’Rolling with the BRMC and now he has!  Thank You Terry, for the fotos, videos and most of all your Letter, which Really Made My Day and brought joy to my heart and yeah, so what if i cried a little bit, shux* at least they were good rock’n’roll tears.  Welcome to the fold, Terry, lets do it again real soon, brother.  Bless yer Big Heart and Soul.

Hi iAN
How are you doing man, hope you are OK and well. I saw the best band in the world last night. They were amazing and so so very awesome buddy. I got to meet Pete and Rob at the end of the show unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Leah. I got petes and robs autographs and a picture with Rob. It was an amazing night man. It was such a shame you couldn’t make it man. Hopefully in the future you can make it buddy. Here’s some photos and videos from the Brighton dome man.