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Photobucket  Brother Pete & iAN in San Franciso

Well Aaron, from one shit kicker to another shit kicker
get busy living honky tonk brother...San Francisco is a great place to spead your shit on's hard to believe that such a place could feel so lonely and haunted at times...but then again, a lot of shit went down there...from the murder of H. Milk to the Aids virus wiping out so many beautiful people and the relic wind of the 60s chiming in throughout your hair like a good vibe gone much strange history blowing down the streets...strawberries and death at every turn.  Not to mention that one unHoly fire that consumed the city and poor little ol' me and you now can't get our asses squared away on a chinese silk divan with a celestial to fire up our 10 inch opium pipe for the sweet realm of white horse dolly tit zepher dream...

Make sure to hit the 500 Club and say hello to Jeffrey Luck Lucas...a songwriter that will bend your skin in all the dark good ways...
Make sure to hit the Wharf and let the bushman scare the be'jesus outta ya
Make sure you hit the old churches where the ghost all live...

I've only had one man in the whole entire city ever spend a pick up line on me and i was flattered...maybe if he had of shaved that morning i would have..oh never mind that now....

Never mind scratchin' yer head
shift yer dick unto the left side of your trousers and hit the city.
China town is a good place to see blue chrome boobs and baby some wong tong cum soup and feel the history of the old people as you blind yourself with your own camera flash...
Hit City Lights Bookstore and feel the stink of the old dead beat poets crawl your skin under brand new white art lights...
Hit the mission district and watch the umbrellas of poor bums sail into the sky on a soft gail the trannies break bic lighters, as the poor lovers buy chewing gum and the cops give me a ticket for open container....

Watch out for dirty needles in the grass
don't mingle too long with the dirt merchants
get some god clothing at Wasteland on that hippy street
and make sure you get some fine sounds at Amoeba Records on the same said street....

Lose your lunch a couple of times
be not afraid to let people take you home to iceboxes of booze and good conversation...
enjoy the radio waves
eat pizza with tayters on it.
french kiss inside of the photobooths
it's also the best place to dog watch besides Berlin
wonderful little pups and pooches of all sorts....sweet little hooligans...hookers for food...thats them dags.

Always keep your dick out of other men's dicks though,
and hit the homo hardcore hump shoppes for rubber phalique cockle ringy dings....

and always keep a beer in your backpac

if you score some black Acid

save some for me or you Suck!

and keep your eye peeled for the glint of Sweet gun shy blue skies....

feel the magnetique pull of the sweet ocean

you stand in the city the Zodiac killer slew in....

be bold

ride the wilde Life

stand inside of your own shadow

and feel the beauty of the day in a strange city


hit Paxton Gate

and see the stuffed animals

and the bookstores....up the street....and the irish bar across the way

dead animals, books of the dead, irish whiskey and good books....

now get your cock sucked and run along....

i aint there and yer making me upset about that fact.....

beautiful people there in that city man


beautiful people like


bless yer heart



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