i just got back from Amsterdam and in my cush Hotel room they had a framed poster of Van Gogh on the wall and i  thought, Ain’t that Rich?  Treat a motherfucker like a peasant for as long as you can, bust him for stealing a few finger-dabs of oil colours and tell him to kick rocks only to champion him after it’s far too late even to get a free hot beer from out of ya.  Always a hundred years too late and many millions too short, shawty.  

When certain people laugh it means the same thing as the sound you hear after punching them in the ribs.
Sometimes an Artist catches up with his or herself and
for that one brief moment, Explode into something relevant, modern, innovative and as riveting as the birth of a werewolf.
I  New Cross.
The most Exciting thing I’ve seen and heard in Centuries.
I wish everyone could catch up with themselves and
for one brief moment in Time, Atomize all that they have seen, smelled, battled through, lost and won into a modern masterpiece.
Fuck Yeah Joe Cardamone

I don’t need nobody to draw me a map on no memo pad to know what this is and if you laugh?  Know that i hear you wheezing through your grocery list cracked ribs.