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The third Gathering Of The Clouds has come and gone and I believe spring and motorcycles are in order for my next course of action. When an under taking of this magnitude gets rolling you instantly realize how much trust, effort and communication it takes. The proverbial stacking of marbles and the details the devil hides in. I thought perhaps after all this time of playing music here things would fade and friends would disappear into the dust of life. The greatest thing happened this year in the simple fact that ; nobody quit playing music and everyone re focused and put in musical work of a quality I have not seen in a long ,long time. From everyone right here in our city the coast, music that I appreciate was refined, bent , tweaked, built ; and the muse flowing through the veins of a giant tree like creature put new roots down so deep that for years to come the fire of kind companionship , admiration and respect will not be swayed. Thank you.. to the point of tearing up a bit here as I write… for your participation and long hours of work and the struggle of believing you are right when the rest of the world is fighting you and tempting you to pitch it all, water it down or just consume your days with trouble. Pushing past the doubt and the stress to create and feel again the one thing that started you on this path in the first place..your heart and mine is full. – KURT OTTAWAY 420_442547385820500_1970154519_n
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