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Ghost static & waves



I can't tell you if there is a God or not.
My earthly science mind finds no proof, but inside of me, high above religions, something tells me different... (But all I've got is faith and science
A line that will only blur -B.R.M.C. - bad blood - ( if the lyrics are correct ) )  Only blur to Truth. 

I also have not read the book by Jacqueline Murray, so I can't truly say what my take is on spirits being channeled, yet i will say that i feel that many songwriters, including myself have been outspoken about channeled songs.  Something similar to a radio antenna picking up a radio station.  I think it's fair enough to say that most horrid music was not channeled, but was rather the mind trash of writer's ego and that those majikal songs...those other worldly songs that truly speak inside to you...may have had a ghost writing author from the spirit realm... Kieth Richards has spoke about this...spoke about how he felt somebody else was writing the songs and like an instument of the Lord...he was just it's Conduit and Messenger...and Kief keeps all the royalties and the word of the spirit reaches the world...

I do feel that many artist are "Touched"

Sometimes when painting or writing a pome...or a can get the feeling that you are taking dictation...your hands seem to already know before you do which direction on the canvas or on the strings, what have you, that they are doesn't happen all the time mind you, but i have felt it.  Perhaps that is why Mozart didn't need band practice as it was already written fully in his noodle and then just etched out on paper and rarely with no eraser smears, or x'd out passages and scribbles...but like it was dictated...without the musicians even being present at first to play it practice, so to speak... i dunno...

All the people you mentioned from Morrison to Dali seem to have been tapped into something, the average cat on the streets was unawares of...and there is an etheralness there you don't see in most works of Art (filthy word)...however....

My step Mother Jodie turned me onto the spooky spiritual side of life when i was very small...i fancy she saw the new seer in me somewhat ( i'm a pretty crap seer, but happened)  She could make a Ouija board rumble and move at what felt the speed of light...and when she had cancer, death came to her on a public street in the form of a mail man and told her that he had her letter in the bag, but it wasn't ready for delivery yet.  She saw her dead aunt face to face the night her dead aunt died and saw spirits in the trees...all I've seen is a native american ghost four feet away from me moving like it was trying to make it's feet remember gravity....and often i will feel the heated touch of a hand on my first happened at a funeral for my Uncle and i screamed and scared everybody in the room.

  There is no facts on such things and it's better not to ever ask "why?" because you have to come up with your own answer, your own conclusion...and what feels real to you...i don't see what is so strange about believing in the seems fairly strange to me that we live on a ball that floats in space around other balls and we don't even know what is beyond our own galaxian playing why living on a ball that floats in space is so plausible to us but not the chance of a God, is highly odd to me...then again...i'm a dreamer, not a scientist. 

I feel like an insect that has no eyes does.
An insect with no eyes, but has can't tell what I am or who i am, it cannot fathom my nightly dreams, it cannot fathom my current thoughts and even thou it has no word for me...or my shape or only feels that there is something there...something moving...something perhaps...alive...and that is how I feel about God......and other's beyond me, and i don't feel like religious people who claim to know God like the back of their hand because they have read certain books...if God could be summed up with a simple paperback...that ain't much of a God...the answer...your answer is inside of you.

Even if there isn't a God or a doesn't matter...holding a paintbrush and playing a guitar and singing was good enough...especially when there has been so much pain, suffering and heartbreak since the dawn of time....Some people

hear the spirits

some people only hear their burger king order number...and fuck those folks.

Keep listening to the spirits and

turn off

the television

statique blocks the antennas

Love is like a ghost

you don't find it

it finds you

and if you wanna hear God

don't go to church

look inside of yourself and find your heart, that is where God sleeps

unless you let the



bless yer heart Jeff



One last thing...the only thing hard for me to understand about the channeled rockstars...the one thing that is hard to that like christ still seeing crosses around people's necks is why they would ever, ever, ever care to leave the enchantment of their spiritual gravity space in order to do another fucking INTERVIEW...

Houdini said he would try to contact his wife Bess after he died...and she held a seance every year for 10 years on Halloween and she couldn't even get a belch or the sound of handcuff key hitting the floor...

my personal belief is that there is just too many places to roam and fly to in the universal mind, rather than back to that gravity graveyard fuck yer loved ones...when they give up the ghost...then you'll see them...and catch up on auld bullshit.



-all spelling errors to be blamed on anything but me, cheers-
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