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We always kill the good guys and let the demons run amok * Bill Hicks

Morality is Dead on a whole except for in the Individual - Me

You can't be idealistic all your life, son - Frank Stark
EXCEPT TO YOURSELF - Jim Stark  (James Dean)
*From Rebel without a Cause*

It's been wrong since the Dawn of  Time itself, yet there have been sudden flashes of sheer genius, the only problem is that the beauty always gets overlooked, either by ignorance, purposeful distractions, and the general nature of simple & selfish men to only think of themselves, instead of the well being of the  collective whole.

They refuse to learn from Nature, they refuse to learn from History, they refuse to learn from Women, and they refuse to learn from experience.

When i was a kid in the late 70s I thought everything including people could only get better, but I was wrong...for every step forward we take 33 back.  Take Nirvana for instance.  Music was sucking pure knob on the billboard charts, with the exception of underground bands and Nirvana, like John Lennon changed the world of music... and now we are back to Lady Gaga and Lil' Wayne.  Now I understand everybody has different taste but can you really classify some of this hokus pokus as taste?  Back to the masses have no morals, because all this so-called music is built upon the most tawdry, basic neandertalic sexual's fuckun' de'evolution with pro-tools.  As Bukowski said...we wanted more than there ever was.

It's never gonna be good enough.  They are like goldfish that eat until they die...simply insatiable.  They don't know when it's great because they want better.  They don't know the simplicity of Less is More.  I don't know about you but every single pair of new jeans i see these days have fake diamonds in the shape of dragons stitched into the butthole area, with rips and pre'wrankled kneecaps, flip flop pockets, patches, sprankled with glitter dust and the only thing missing is an inserted front hatch garage door'esque cock launcher for men and a taint area zipper for easy pussy access for women.  It's bloody fuckun' foul and that is why i hunt for old denim Levis...worn the fuck in by some dead old buzzard and i like dusty black.

Cellphones and texting...these masses they fancy they look like the Jetsons...when in reality it's just the Dukes of Hazzard on cordless phones that can also be used for the deaf (texting) with built in camera...snore. 
Corruption Reigns my friend.  Keep them distracted and go about your polluted business unbothered....

Kid Rock, whose never been in the ARMY, has been selling out kids through patriotic ARMY commercials, teaming up with NASCAR super rich cock chugger Dale Earnhardt Jr. for the video...kill your there is a whole new marketing strategy, i tell ya.  In reality because the masses love the mediocre and mundane and give their money to shitwits.  K.R. & D.E. actually have the delusion that America is great...based on the fact that they are filthy fuckun' rich...and they get REAL patriotic...and of course they want the kids to go and protect their country...not really their country...but their MONEY.  If it's not these two goons pawning off this propagana pap the ARMY hire video game designers to make WAR look like a video game that is fun.....If you need money for college punk...get a loan from Sallie Mae...fucker.

The masses are completely in the dark.
Most people have never heard of Building 7
Don't know the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail
Don't know that the fluoride that hides in yer toothpaste and water is not good for human consumption (notice the poison warning on the back of your paste)
Don't know that High Fructose Corn Syrup is in almost everything we eat and drink and still can't figure out this sugar diabetes epidemic sweeping the nation
Don't know that red meat can stay in your colon for over 10 years like cement and wonder at their clogged arteries when they've never smoked.
Don't know how Big Pharma is connected to Wall St. which is connected to the government which is connected to corporate investors, which is ....snore......
They can tell you something about snoring thou actually....

and the list goes on and gets darker and darker and darker....and they also never think of themselves as they are truly Expendable...

Peace Prize President in 4 current wars?  Most people think we are only involved in one....

but really....NONE OF THAT SHIT MATTERS.....let the masses become the trashcans that they long to be....

It got bad for everyone the day that JFK died...cause that is the day when the dream died and the machine took over...I love Vietnam Vets but the ghost of LBJ can suck my Ass.

The days of somebody like Hunter S. Thompson writing on the political trail are over...unless it's just for pure satire...because the jig is UP and it's corrupted, rigged and locked.  There is no going back without a massive uprising of gear protected, shotgun loaded maniac citizens getting apeshit crazy in the streets by the millons...but it will never happen...nobody wants to die...and HEY LOOK AT THAT NEW CELLPHONE WITH THE LIGHTS!  IT'S just another deaf person's cordless phone with a camera inside and a memo pad you can watch videos of teenagers getting high on salvia's's our reality.

If you think your vote should ask yourself if you can truly afford to be that naive...

Look at cars of the 60s and 70s, from America to the U.K. to Germany and France.....and look at them today....everything looks the same....I couldn't tell you a B.M.W from a Honda....REALLY.  (If you wanna see a real car watch the STOP clip from BRMC and GRAVITY GRAVE by THE VERVE) now THOSE are true cars my man! 

People dress the same, they look the same and they make the same mistakes that they always have and always will make....and that is your cue to either roll with them or be as cool as Primal Scream....and if i may borrow a line from Buk....RUN WITH THE HUNTED

I think if you go to war to take out somebody like Hitler and his mimics or you wanna stop people from treating black people like oxen...then pass me a shotgun and lets Rock and Roll....but all this other's just poor kids dying to keep gluttonous evil men rich.... The masses salute in patriotic ecstasy the demons that run amok...the same way they do in religion.

I gotta say man....I don't WANT to Change the world...I quit smoking that pipe a long time ago...

When I leave the house i do my best to put on my horse-blinders...I didn't have to do that in the late 70s cause everybody and everything looked fucking Royal Trux Kool...and yes, having seen those's difficult to be around now....cause I find it all so obtuse, boring, obscene, foul and ridiculous and i do my be the person i wanna the TRUE Americans...the Indians, CASH, Lincoln, Twain, Hunter, Nina Simone...richin crazy fucked up heart spirit, truthful and vibrantly all too real people...I guess that is what i see in the circle of all the hearts in BRMC.  From the management to the guitar tech....heart and BET.

Fuck it all man....gonna die at the end of the Road a perfect world or a per-fucked world...doesn't matter...fuck all the cameras on the streets of the U.K. you just live your life...

I don't give two fucks if P-diddy sells a billion records....I don't need a political role your own role model and if you have do the best you can to teach them how to take care of themselves nourishment to not judge people by the color of their skin, or their sexuality...all very COMMON SENSE shite....

Falling in Love is good enough
Companionship is good enough
Caring for others is good enough, even if it puts you out a little....fuck it.
Knowledge is good enough
Not being like them...swine and sheep is good enough
Drawing breath is good enough
Vitamin C is good enough
Giving Head is good enough
Not being in A&E (Hospital) is good enough

A roof over the head is good enough

Good friends...even if you can only count them on one hand or two fingers (the way i like it) is good enough

The sky at night when it is pleasant outdoors is good enough

animals you can touch are good enough

water and beer and rice are good enough

fucking once in a while is good enough small doses...are good enough

writing is good enough

writing songs is good enough

walking is good enough

crying is good enough

fear is good enough

knowing some great people who you loved and lost to death was worth it and good enough

to die and leave the masses to Hell good enough

to smoke is good enough

to be alone at times is good enough

to paint is good enough

to work some shite jobs from time to time is good enough

seeing god as every god from every religion all wrapped up into one mixed with space and time, fire and rock and roll, sin and salvation is good enough

BRMC and all the old music of the underdogs is good enough

and YOU....are good enough.....

Good enough for Me.

To have a very, very,very

Rich life matter how bad they fuck up the world around us.

Give somebody something of yours's good to let go of a little of yourself...the goodness of spreads.....


Don't open your mouth until you know the score

and know when you are being hustled

find your own path like Frost said

the individual path

and try to be kind

and avoid bad situations the best you can

take care of yourself and help when you can

I don't want what they offer and I don't want the same things they want out of life

I don't subscribe...I don't want your medals, your treasures, your new cars, or your devil tongues

In the words of a very fucking strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman...I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got -  Sinéad O'Connor.

Thank You for your Question Mark

bless yer heart mate

yes I am a nutter

be well


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