Through Unhappiness we go…
Through oil-paint, turpentine Carole King Saturdays and
Rainy Karen Carpenter Sundays we have rolled…
Through Life Stinks Mel Brooks Mondays to
Tits Up! Tornado Topeka Tuesdays we have Swirled… into
WTF Where did I leave my car keys Wednesdays and into
tell me where the wine is and nobody gets hurt Thursdays unto
Fuck if I know and Fuck if I care Fridays down and up into
Art Fair, Honeysuckle Saturdays and Norman Rockwell dog
by our side, pizza and a movie Sundays…

Just what planet is this January
Love is a Four Letter Word February
Walkin’ through the Valley of death March
I love Ping April
Get out from inside of me May
Maybe drugs ARE the answer June
Another year older, well I’ve earned it, Asshole July
I can’t even breathe in this so-called weather August
Sad and Sorry September
My Life IS Halloween October
What I love about slippery sidewalks is Nothing! November
It looks rode hard and put away wet what is it?
It’s my VISA December…

You got Guts.
You got Big Soul.
They don’t make ’em like You anymore…

I love you for the evers…
Your son
Your partner in crime and random kindness
I Champion You Mama


Good Health and Good Love to You