Directed by Dean Karr

Taken from the forthcoming album Somebody’s Knocking to be released on October 18th

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LADIES & GENTLEMEN introducing my newest music video I’ve Directed for long time friend Mark Lanegan called “Night Flight to Kabul”. I’ve also done music videos for Mark while he was in the Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age! This new video is shot entirely with 5000 still photos taken on my Nikon D810. It looks shiny and new and best of all it looks NOTHING like anything out there today! The editing and FX are done by Joel Nathanael Smith. Mark and my friend Jason Hall stepped up to assist us shooting in the post nuclear landscapes of the Salton Sea and Slab City! It’s beyond amazing that I can get excited about doing music videos once again and tapping into the CREATIVE forces! Go gettum Lanegan – Love You Brother!

– Dean Karr