Life is Not Always a Business Extraction or a Banking Tranzakshun.
Live Now.
Have Fun.  Be Kind.
Laugh at Self 1st and then Others.
Do your Own thing, leave people be until they are ready
to ride teh Yes of life like a Slayer Song.
Worm Angel is a Stance of Defiance.  Worm Angel has escaped the War Zones and Luxury Whores.
Worm Angel knows Great Rock’n’Roll.  Worm Angel is not Daft…  Worm Angel Rolls and Dives In.  Sometimes Dreams really Do come True…  I’ve always wanted my foto with Worm Angel and to share some words and drank with him.  Blamo!  Your Wish is My Command, Sir!
Long Live the Mighty Worm Angel!
  Fuck Yeah!