The Story is old, i know, but it goes on..  i was and still am a Suedehead.  Hollywood to Berlin.  It isn’t easy waking up every morning feeling like the worn out elasticity inside of Rod Stewart’s asshole, but we all do it, day in and day out until we find a new way.  It was good to be behind the scenes long ago..  The Roosevelt Hotel, new born kittens, poster pigs,
sold out gigs, blowjobs behind closed bathroom doors, James Bond with the Cocaine, slurred words and chatterbox chuckleheads, handicapped hookers on Hollywood Blvd, neon dens, chemical piss, hired convertibles, security, paranoia, hands on glass and i took that music in the razor blade scarred jewel case and buzzed off to Mesa Arizona like a dog-man star on the blip silver eyed on sci-fi lulls to the scene of meth skulls and tanned cherubs, and wound up a brmc baby in Berlin.. Coming up and then some.. Still insatiable after all these blue hour Highs and Lows – 

fangx R.T.