We useta get on Facebook to Say
Hey Sugar!

Now we open up our facebook page with caution like it may be an exploding trick-wire diaper containing used corn and ninja throwing stars. God-bless.

We have on our SARS mask and our disease gloves and our shop class glasses as if waiting for a wind-up machine to fire in a 100 mile per hour death ball

We cross ourselves like that Spaniard in the Good, the bad and the fugly fuckun’ Pugsley Ugly

We Rare’back!
There it is.

Man breaks Dog’s spine for no good cotton pickin’ reason.
Dude fucks daughter and scars taint
Man can be seen tearing his face off in a car-wash with screw-driver.
btw your bro slid off the planet and Cancer is spreading like
Pied Piper wild mice

You back off.
There’ll be no breakfast now and that’s for goddamned sure.

The Sun looks warped.
The people walk funny.
Even the dog looks depressed.

People on the TV popping zits in black and white
you call a cab
you go to the airport
you shove 3 drinks down your hatch
and board a plane


Who gives a rat’s Ass!
Fly me the fuck out now on this barnyard with wings!

It’s Brutal, I tell ya!