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Jesus Kampf

I think the human race knows as much about God as a butterfly on the breeze knows about my dreams last night.


American houses of modern worship look like sports arenas, complete with parking lots full of petrol guzzlers and people who dress like Eddie Bauer if he were not just a bland and horrid clothing designer but a Funeral home salesman as well.  These twats bounce around the bible to fit their every need and what doesn't, they scratch out and do not quote...what happened to no working on the Sabbath?  You see these rat fink church bastards every Sunday, out stuffing their gobs as soon as church lets out,

but what about the waitress that has to wait on these slobs and their

messy fuckun' children who've the manners

of pinheads on ketamine?  They don't mind that SHE has to work on the Sabbath...she can go to Hell and when these so called Christians have left...their table looks like a war zone and oh joy to that 1 dollar tip.  Fuckun' slobs and hypocrites.

I find more God inside of Rock and Roll and between my lovers legs. 

 Not in the church with the child molesters, the perverts trying to score dates, the dreary sermons of a book I've already read and broke down, and the freaks trying to turn gay people straight by crying and the laying of hands. 

Worshipping is what the multitudes do...the rest of us actually

help the homeless, assist the aged, cook for those who can't, talk to children like they are humans instead of dumb stuffed animals, clean up our own backyards, stay out of other people's business and hold the door open for people in wheelchairs...etc...and we listen to others...instead of preach through their faces....

The difference between my own personal religion and those of the masses is that i never ask anybody to join

and my own religion

doesn't get anybody.....


Stick with the Sunday apples and next time an insipid and foul creature from the church of the dead mind ask you anything... Simply smile and haul your Ass far from him...

bless you my Son!


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