Very Cavallari
Total Bellas
Total Bellends

Shallow Traush has Always passed for
Family Entertainment
as I sit in this Midnight High Rise
way high Above the Cops
the front of my old black T-Shirt
Splattered in explosive Spunk stains

as the dead across this sparkling Night City pay for the sins of thieves and sycophants..

Sometimes at random, we sit with a parent and gaze into the Digital shitbox, gandering at these poisonous locust abortion glam Lives..
It truly gives me the ball draggin’ shit fits

Flawless Leg Commercials
Piggy Bank Cell Phone Selfie Text Skanks
50 Shades of Sell Out
Eat, Live, Pray and Eat Pussy at Joe’s Hamburger Shack and then Let me Leave Your Dreary Life behind, Already..
On a cattle plane, inside of a rolling Squawk Box of sweaty cell phone cows and po’dunk culprits..

Life’s a Gas
I can smell.

I got my leather boots on
waving my wand under the moon
looking for a trailer hitch to wrap my lips around
like an 8 ball stick-shifter

Love Me, I’m Italian
Love yourself, sweat-stain
and fetch my cold drank already!
Fuck You Jack-Hole
I’m sporty-spice
lookin’ for a fist’fight and an early flight
out of your Brooklyn car alarm disco

I gotta Roll, Jack-Hole.