Died April 5, 2002, Seattle, WA

I went to a dark bar and rested my leather elbows under the low lights. I went and stood next to a dude on a bar stool with cool hair and a cool leather jacket just minding his own business… he was nursing a drink in a glass and his head hung low and me being the loudmouthed cocksucker that i’ve always been, i said hey man didnt i see you in that local music rag yesterday?
And we began to talk in slow talk and I warmed up to him like a moth to a flame and I became very fond of him quite quickly and it got to the point where we would see each other at that same roost and he knew i was down with humor, but sometimes his life wasn’t funny but i was trying to bring some loose light and lighten the situation… but everything was taking off and things were going sideways… he was a tender kind of friend… he was loyal and he meant business and maybe even saw past success and that thing called FAME that John Lennon and David Bowie sang about.
Who knows but maybe some people ain’t cut out for the heights of big fame and when you’re in the middle of two dragons needing to be fed with fax machines full of vampires its easy to aim for the center of the real nowhere
pull down the shades
take the batteries out of the clocks
keep visitors at bay
in a timeless state of your own virtues
to Hell with it

I am still in Awe of that signature voice
and sometimes i still try and sing along
with one of his songs
and fail miserably
and make myself laugh
Its so easy to get caught up in the current
when you haven’t even figured out how
to clean up your own make-shift home
His heart was in the right place
but maybe his mind was not meant for big business
we all wish…
and after he left so did his love whom i knew
it was just a sad bad thing all around…
but in 2019
I Still remember him in that shady bar
ignoring his own drink
and just starring straight ahead in big black sunglasses
his hair golden reflecting turquoise and wine cooler purple under those druggy bar fog lights
just resting there
not bothered by anyone but me
who he could half stomach
because i spoke teh nice-nice
and tried to make him feel of teh nice
when i wasn’t yankin’ his crank for a prank, shux*
he was a friend to me for a while
he froze songs in time that still trouble my heart
he was one of the good guys
once a boy too
a dear motherfucker
who meant business.