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Love to Burn


No one to Love?
Hell, i can't stop falling in love...I mean did you see those vintage motorcycle jackets they sell for 12 hundred bucks down on Melrose?  Oh my Gawd, they smell like dawson's creek in about 90 years...road worthy but with the odor of thousand year old sparkling vagina reduced down into a bottle of red wine...there is always some one or something to love, but yes of course...again I am avoiding the question...lots of ghost on the wind tonight...

Love...seems every one is searching for it.  It's almost a chase or like trying to locate a person who doesn't want to be found. 
This one has the right mouth, but the wrong eyes...this one the right body, but the wrong fuckun' brain (none).
This one loves every book, album and film you ever loved, but inside they are empty, cold and surgical...and you wonder HOW?
having no one to love
is a blessing
frees you up, gives you time to work on yourself
which is always your best bet.
Many head shrinkers think that you should look for praise inside of yourself and
not from the outside world
and i fancy it is similar in the world
of Love.
Those who love themselves first, often attract lovers from outside.
it's no fun to go out and hit the scene
swingin' it like a true Pimpf and no one notices.
It can take the other route could be out late at night
wearing nothing more than some ripped up jeans and a t shirt
that reads " I miss My Mama" and bingo zingo...the love of your life comes waltzing
up to you and your un-combed hair...and she smiles at you and you look like a bag of hammered assholes...seems we can't hardly
ever be on time or on the same page.

When you have nobody to love, you put that love into other things
fixing up an old hotrod
writing songs
painting with oils
reading books or writing them...
some people just turn the table and become a serial killer...(not the best advice, but i imagine it has some wonderful highs....wait...where was i at?)

You would think that with all the people in the world, you could surely fall in love with somewhat of an ease....but alas
there are more people to loathe than fall in Love with...and i cannot tell you why that is....and yes it is slightly astonishing...
I mean ANYBODY can fall in love and they do it everyday...but those are people with fairly uncomplicated lives and personalities...very ununique
people get hitched daily...their common denominator/common interest is that they both like air and food.
I fancy spirits like us are a tad more complicated...and not complicated as to be a pain in the arse...but intricate, we have woven layers, many emotions,
if I had to compare them and us
they would be chopstix
we...Mozart french kissing beethoven while blindly writing an unforgivable and sex punch sonata
It's the difference between Rimbaud and Dean Koontz (kuntz...whatever his name is...)

When you have a lot of Love to give but no one to recieve it.  You write music, you write or do something creative...or you go Mad.

Crazy is always the first option.

I could answer this question with two words...

Van Gogh.

We all know where that ended up.  Earless with a bullet in the brainpan in a wheat field getting shat on by brother crows, covered in piss, turpintine and oil paints....good lard man, good lard!


The Elephant Man, John Merrick had a lot of Love to give too...but he looked like something even your average blond girl would not want to suck.  Like a black lollipop with nails driven through it like Christ wounds.

Sometimes when there is no one to love and you have lots to give you simply must turn it around and into something else.
Some people volunteer and feed the homeless or work at homeless shelters, others work to help find people's lost pets and some people assist the elderly...and me?  I just jerk off a lot more.

I stand in front of the mirror and hold my cock and say outloud to myself
"whose the pretty girl now, motherfucker?".

that' a whole 'nuther story we won't get into right now....

In some bibles it says that man was created in "Their" image....not his.

I fancy we are the the Greeks said...we were born in the heaven womb whole

and when we hit this dirt rock planet of tombs...we got split up...and we all crawled away for a pinch of tit milk to quench our deathly thirst....and forgot where our other half split to.....

I firmly believe that there is somebody for everyone...unless you are a cannibal...then my friend, there is not a shred of hope.

Love may be the key but it is NOT can turn a wicked corner and turn into hate in a fort a jiff....but let's not go there...

Those with a lot of love to give usually find their other half...sometimes they are putting that love into, like i mentioned...working for elderly people or helping the homeless and there at that place, they find a kindered spirit doing the same...and love rejoices...

Love yourself first and others will love you...and I ain't talkin' no narcississtique rigah'maroll....and it can also...fuck me, work the other way around....treat yourself like ass and then you meet lovers that want to help you...nurse your wounds, clean you up and rub your stump...strike that, ignore what i just!

The truth is that Love will kick you in the cunt.
The truth is that Love will break your heart and dump it in a trashcan
The truth is that Love is not kind
The truth is that Love can dry up and die and blow away....

Just Joking.

Like B.R.M.C. sings

Spread your Love like a fever

if you don't have any (one) to love

then spread it around

and give us all some

I love your Love Tony

thank you for letting me have a little piece of it.

keep on rolling brother

and bless your heart

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