This is my Sister Wendy Rose .

She is birdhouse crazy as fuck.
Which is reason # 333 as to why i love her so…

Today i believe is her Birthday.
I wish her Good Health and Good Love and much
continued madness.
If you ever need a mix-tape of songs that will
make you cough up blood in your sleep, hit her up
and she’ll mix’master you some total Horse hockey.
She is also Art Nouveau Deco and Lace old Hollywood new Satin Hip…
Befriend her, wish her a happy birthday and put on yer
seatbelt she is as cool as crazy comes…
I Do Adore her, shux*

I once walked through a grocery store with Robert Levon Been with a snub’nosed silver-plated .22 pistol tucked down into the hair of my balls and it kept falling down my bell bottomed pant leg an onto the floor.
It was embarrassing.
It was on loan from the Great Gatsby Wendy Rose…
Pistol Pete liked it when i showed it to him at the Bunker, shux*

Bless Yer  Wendy
and thanx for letting me drop at your joint when the chips were down.
I love ya, kid
Happy Birthday