I never owned a Prodigy record but it was always good to see that guy saying words that made people butt-hurt, it was good to see a guy not sitting on his kitchen-Ass, jizzing on his PS4 whilst moanin’ on about a football game after dusting off his 17th can of Pringles snacker stacker chips, it was good to see a guy making music that made people wanna bounce off their tits, it was good to see a guy workin’ it with different peoples, it was just flat out good seeing a guy mix it the fuck up.

Whatever the fuck went down..
Whatever the hell he didn’t or did mean to you..
Whatever the hell… at least that guy didn’t sit on his asshole all his puff, day-dreamin’ or taking magic-marker signs to the next I Hate Vegetables rally and protest, he got up off his arsehole and tits and stirred some shit up and got bizzy with it…

Mad Respect to Keith Flint and his mad fuckun’ head