In the crystalline twilight of our youth pure and thoughtful things come to us on a ray of light in colors of a full spectrum.
As the decades begin to take their toll and sand down our open thoughts they narrow our minds as we fade down to monochrome.
We do not rage, we do not fight we give in and go so tired into every gift of night.
We erase , we forget the golden hours , the perspiration and work of dreams.
We cave in, we consume, we go down with our plight and we imagine a vast drought in our being.
We dance with capital, we become a wasteful secret unto ourselves.
We bury, we break and then as if it is all we can carry, we vanish.

I cannot remember a better time of imagination or a canvas of beauty as were the days of my twenties and how they burned by
I was lost in a torrid world of dance clubs , experimental rock shows and only the pursuits of my true heart
Mostly by accident or impetuous travel I brushed from one moment of brilliance to the next and severed myself with sweet escape from humanity
I was music, I was freedom, I was expression and I could dwell inside of the slipstream of this magic for days on end
On a crowded street at the beginning of this time, under the dim glow of street lamps, waiting in line at a club doorway… from a tiny speaker above my head, I heard
an alien sound of which I never expected and this strange new and irresistible broadcast was Talk Talk.

I embraced the cadence of a certain approach with no formula, a vocal unlike any other, the cognitive dissonance of happiness and pain smeared in to
a breathing cacophony of perfect expression and rare captured instrumental execution, still it made my feet move and put a bizarre warmth in my chest
they had it all….eyes closed I listen still to the Genius of Mark and Tim blending with the band and I am gone to a place of perfect ratios and flow
so dynamic and fusion of spirit so close that it can always bring me that gift of wanting more from everything.

Can we bring to focus a point of light, a beacon in a vast ocean of being..?
You artists , you musicians this is a call to arms!
Use this !, use this as something so bright and wonderful that we never stop, we never forget
to create and to push into and tear past the fabric of everyday existence , to give back what was given to us and rend this great batter of gamble to song.

Kurt Ottaway