Sometimes Bad News Travels slowly…  May 2nd and One of the Biggest Fans of Great Music left anywhere out of this world but here…  It was good to see that a lot of the bands he helped to promote freely paid Respect to his passing…  It hit me hard because like him, i understand ya do it for the love of Great Music…  You don’t want a dollar, but that doesn’t mean that your Own world isn’t always trying to collapse in on and around you.   I Don’t know what happened and i don’t wanna know,  but this sucks Real Hard.  Mark made friends from All Around the World and was Relentless when it came to getting the word out about Your New Album or Video and was a 1 man support system to some of the Greatest out there.  Fans that are few like Mark help to pay the Rent sometimes…  don’t forget us, those who work like hell to be almost as Great as Mark…  Our Love should not be taken for Granted…
Love and Communication is a 2 Way Street.  I’ma miss this cat.  You should too.  A lot of things in Life just Ain’t Right and this is One of Them.  I’m So Sorry to have heard the bad news.  I don’t ask How and I don’t Ask Why.  It just Is.
I cried the entire weekend.  The Moon goes down and the Sun comes Up and I feel sickened.  Being a Half-Arsed Seer I know that Mark would want me to pass along his message, besides all the Thank You for the Kind Words and Thank You for Your friendship love letters…  I am pretty sure that he is telling me to tell You to make sure to purchase the next 2 Brian Jonestown Massacre New Albums.  He Loved that band Holy Heartedly.  I know that when I hear those 2 new albums I will think, fuck yeah this new Great Music is Super-Kool AND… I’ll Never Forget Mark Holmes, he is and was the free advertising of what you love because you want to see Others Shine and you want to see Others heal by hearing…  the kick was Always saving lives through Great Music and i feel i let him down even though it was outta my Hands…

I promise not to forget.  Its a sad and bad thing to be forced to Let Go.

Sometimes All ya can Do is Remember after it was Already too Late.

Thank You Mark Holmes, you taught me and the world about Great Rock’n’Roll and You Broke a lot of Hearts.
I wear your face on my heart proudly until the end of Time.  Bless Yer Heart & Soul, Nobody Else Like You.