In the shadows evolve brilliant artists. This is where Ian Ottaway, a poet who spreads his texts in the twists of the canvas, also a webmaster and spiritual roadie of the Black Rebel Motorycle Club, close to Mark Lanegan, draws inspiration that feeds his feather and seems to have found his voice from beyond the grave. Inspired by his of prose, French musician Tio Manuel will decide to take iAN out of the underground where he land in 2015 the time of a record called The iAN Ottaway Project. Ian himself is now making the choice to music with Roll With The Damn, a first album to be released in 2020 on Revvolt records, produced by Austrian Matt Boroff. Old Angel Midnight, the first track given to us, is somewhere between Mark Lanegan and King Dude. A recipe that should delight lovers of bourbonnées voices cut by years of smoked coffin nails with attendance. Keep a careful ear as it might well be that Roll With The Damn by iAN Ottaway is all meant to kiss your spleen on your long nights of insomnia.

– Morrix Appareil Noir

Many Humble Thanks to MORRIX APPAREIL NOIR