Man, we didn’t even think about school.
It was all Ozzy Tits and Lysol spray and somebody’s Dad was pulling into the driveway drunk in his brown station wagon smelling of Tax forms, hush money and cheap dildos.
Us kids always made sure the dogs were fed
before we got on our bikes and went looking for some french kissing, some finger-fucking or an awkward fist-fight.
The music was loud and drenched in Leather, tit-cum and muffler smoke. We threw kids off of roofs, we stole chewin’ gum, we didn’t give a fuck about Cancer and we sucked every boob that flew out of a tube-top.
Jail House Tattoos and Jordache Jeans.
The park was full of clean pussy and dragster dreams.
Some fuckhead kid got lippy and ya drove your bicycle into his body and ran him over.
Trading in aluminum cans and Coca Cola bottles for
Chump change and we always avoided the burned kid
who liked to stick needles into his stumps and looked eviler than Hell.
We played chicken with cars, just ran straight at ’em.
We threw eggs, slung bog-roll and sold lemonade straight up with piss in it.
We were a dirty gang of fuck you kinda kids.
We loved kittens, we loved dogs, we loved birds, but we
Hated the Cops and we Loved Rock and Roll.
Only 1 out of 10 kids back then wanted to be a Banker.
We always sold that kid 25 cents worth of lemonade.
What a piss gulper.
We didn’t think much of the future and the future was never gunna think much of us, oh well.

We rode bikes under the Hawks and the Boiling Sun.
We kissed until our lips bled and our noses chapped.
We grabbed ass until the panties slid up and tore the asshole.
We really laughed it up
until the drugs wiped most of us out.

And now the few of us that are still left?

We follow the beat of Our own drums of Voodoo.