What they never taught me in school and what i never learned from the streets was that all of my friendships and lovers were not supposed to last me a lifetime.

It felt like there was some unwritten law about loyalty and forever and i see that in a lot of my young friends who feel betrayed and have trust issues and complain about getting burned, but what they dont tell you is that sometimes, people gotta burn you so you can get back on your path and if they don’t burn you, sometimes you just fall apart or drift away naturally, so you can press the fuck onwards.

Some people get lucky from day one and the next door neighbor is their best friend and the person growing up across the street is their husband or wife and that is forever and always until they die.
Then again those kinda folks don’t leave much to chance and live their
entire lives inside of that really small circle.

People are often compared to books and for good reason.
Books clue us up and feed our heads.
Once devoured and learned its good to move on to the next book.
Some books dont work for us, so we press on, we don’t try to solve bad books.
Very few books do we keep by our side and keep with us everywhere we
go. Very few.

The point was to learn from these people books. They were there to feed you, to help you to stop being an idiot or learn how to protect yourself from them.

People have pointed out my idiot ways and I was lucky to live long enough to practice what they preached and Im still workin on shit to better myself… Some people dont live long enough to learn that it was a lesson not an ownership or a friendship to last a lifetime.

Breaking up shouldn’t always equal that the other person was a waste of time or that they threw you to the wind.
Sometimes they gave you all they had to give and couldn’t teach you anymoar from their well of knowledge and apart, you both can work what you learned with other people… friends or a lover.

I fancy i learned something from everyone i loved and even from those that i felt wronged by. Im not talking hateful vengeful dogshit people being ugly and cruel to you, but just the friends and lovers that are not with you now because there was nothing left to learn or teach.
Sometimes you are the teacher and sometimes the student.

I have left because there was nothing left to teach or learn and i have been left because the lessons were over or they could no longer gain any moar knowledge.

Again im not talking about those who have gone out of their way to punish you with cruel intent and would love to see you burn inside of a car wreck alive….those are not the kinda dogshit books im talking aboot…

Some people you lose touch with and find them on the social medias many years laters… and even though the reports from them are good, you’re still talking about the same things you did when you broke off… ever notice that?
Only a rare few some, have new knowledge to share…

Don’t hate people for leaving or drifting away, but thank them quietly inside of yourself for shedding some light on things you didn’t know then but damn well know

Lovers and friends… all the old ones…. so very different now than from they were when they taught me back when what was what…

Some people like me and what they like about me is the so many people I am made up from… and the parts that they don’t like so much are usually my own that i am working on or can’t change… and some of the best things that people like about me are the ways that i chose to let be installed within my me… things that THEY learned me.

It was never about distance and loyalty a lot of the times… it was about helping another to grow, to learn, to drop the bullshit, to teach and press on, to learn and lose, to gain another friend whose knowledge takes you ON further… up and down Your Road…

I feel the same with the death of a great pet.
I dont want to move on and love and trust in life again and then the ghost
of that cat or dog says to me
If i needed you and you came through for me in colours, dont you think that somebody a lot like me is out there hating it and wishing they could find your love?

Rolling just to keep on Rolling.

but you said we would always
you said forever
you said until death do us part

those are things youre supposed to say because the reality is what we dont talk about which is none of us know how much we have to learn or teach to anyone and we are owned or should we want to be owned.

Love them while they are with you and if they go away then know it was right and not in your cards….

To get upset with a girl because she can’t quit sleeping around on you doesn’t make her a slut.
It means she is a bird who doesn’t want to be tamed or live in a birdcage with you.
Her colours change and that isn’t wrong just because you dress daily in black and she once did for you, perhaps.
If you are a bird who wants to build a nest
dont be mad at the bird that fell in love with you for a time being
for you to see colours and then be set free… cause it was a free and colourful bird…. find a fucking bird that also wants to build a nest and wear black.
Don’t hate that colourful bird.
Jack off to it in your mind
when yer spirit gives up teh ghost.

Thanks to all my old ghost friends and lovers for keeping me out of Jail in the long-run.
Sometimes… we can Only be friends for a liddle bit’ah time, shux*
and in
20 years
You’ll look back fond
how you blushed
when your sull’clean hair got
hand soft curled behind
ear…. on some dumb ass night…