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Oceans of Time



It is possible and more than likely to occur within the next 2 to 3 years.

Just remember that true love leaves one with
1.  A very sore jaw
2.  A very sore and tantalized groin area
3.  Very fucking tired hands
4.  Sometimes a sore butthole
5.  A racing heart like a runaway train
6.  Worry & Jealousy
7.  You may spend money like there is no tomorrow on gifts
8.  You may get fired from work due to fucking the sun up and fucking the moon out
9.  Did i already mention the sore vagina part?
10.  You will kiss until you can't feel your lips anymore as thou you had been to the dentist and got a shot and it made you have numb Mick 
        Jagger lips

But it's all very well worth it.

True Love makes your mind feel like you are floating in a sea of stars just below the Heavens
makes your heart bloom like a wild flower
makes your insides feel like snakes ah roamin'
makes your legs shake, your boots quake and your tits feel magnetized to some field you cannot see full of warmth and faux fur...

I have been involved with quite a few "soulmates" and thou they were not "the One" i learned very much from them and grew a lot.
Some I've stayed in touch with and some are more of a stranger now than they were even before I met them, if that makes any sense...

I have also had 4 friends kill themselves over lovers they lost.
One friend blew his brains out on the playground at the school he attended
One friend went out in a car with the exhaust fumes in a closed garage
One friend shot herself in the chest with a high powered revolver
One friend overdosed on heroin, pills and vodka

What these poor souls didn't/couldn't/wouldn't think about was that without another tomorrow
there is no chance at finding your one true love.
The dumbest thing about suicide over a lost love is that you are killing yourself because you can't have them and here comes the you kill yourself...are no longer around forever, so what did it matter if you had them anyway cause you killed off the only thing to have them in the first place.  Daft.  What if the lover changes their minds?

The main that the person you lost wasn't the right one's only in the mind.

I am convinced that there are arseloads of soulmates for everybody all over the world.
Now they may not reside in your neck of the woods....but hey, that is why we have computers, ok?


Everytime I lost a know what?

A BETTER ONE came round.

That is what the suicides don't estimate or try to latch onto...and it's Sad.

It only gets BETTER

not worse.

The other trick of the trade is that YOU don't find LOVE


finds you

so stop


Work on your life
work on your self
work on feelin' better
and yes of course keep yer eyes peel'd
but manage your own art nouveau
and you will turn a corner one day
and shit

What is better than Hollywood Romeo and Juliette Love
is companionship
it doesn't have to be shooting stars and fireworks
that's nice
but true love is somebody you can talk with
for years
somebody you can watch hummingbirds float with
somebody you can barf in front of and they will still kiss you in the morning (after mouthwash rinse of course)
somebody who will hold your hair back as you barf into the bog
and hand you a wet cloth to cool your face and jets
somebody who loves you even when you sing off key
somebody that will drive you to Hospital if you need it
somebody that will hold your hand in public and not give a shit what the people think
somebody that will hug you, somebody that will stare you down face to face and tell you to get a grip on your shit
somebody who is not only
your lover

but your
as well.

They are Out There

wondering where in the mad blue fuck

YOU are!

It's only a matter of magnets and time

be patient

they don't have a fucking map.

they don't have a phone number or an address or even a bloody e-mail

but they are out there

butting their head into the wall

wondering where in fuck all

you are

have some faith

keep the faith

mind your own

and walk like a monster that means it!

Love yourself


others will follow

Try being your biggest fan for a change

instead of your own worst enemy

wear your heart on your shirt sleeve even if it gets an arrow or two

cupid is a busy little fucker these days

your time will come

Love has left me so many times that it would make yer ass bleed

and i dust myself off

i get rollin'

i feed the birds

i say hello to the dead man on the street

i give thanks to the Godz and the devils

and i get struck by the lightning of Love

and you will too

hang on

it's gonna get



good love to you...hopefully sooner than later

cheers good sister




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