On Songwriting..

Nick Cave with Ghosteen and Skeleton Tree has reached a New Level of Songwriting.
It Ain’t for Everybody.
Metallica rock your Melrose black boots.
Megadeth make you rethink hair-products.
Jay-Z plays Hitler Stadium with his babe
and Yeezy has some new dope drop about Jesus Christ.

but Nick Cave has Gone into a Zone
where I can’t Always go because I have endured there.
Songs as beautiful as a no cure for Cancer.
Fairy Tales with a Grimm Diagnosis
and just like We thought, A God indifferent to Our

The loss of Our childhood toys.
The Demolition of Our Small Homes and Houses
and finally the Sharpest Violations and Our Nightmares come true.. a walking living dream between suicide and self preservation through others who still retain an Ounce of Beauty to their Potion.

I Listened to KIZZ growing up and wanted to Burn down with Detroit Rock City and now my favorite Album sounds like walking on pins and needles to an irregular heartbeat holding on like a bald and dying bird.

Its not for everyone
but there is no fat
there is imagination and a floating sensation
but no bullshit, make up and dick grabbing.

We were Once a part of this filming and flimsy Civilization.
We were Once kids with warm dogs that loved us back, sometimes.
We looked up to the stars and to the people who spoke the Big Words
We longed for friends different than Us
We wanted to be nice
make the kiss
hold the hand
help with the money
we wanted to make God proud of us..
we wanted to do nice things…

but everything now is thug life plastic
its all gone off the zipper
people act like there were never mirrors to clock into
i leave the house in a car with bleach ready for my eyes.

I was over the hill by the Age of 5
to Listen to Ghosteen or Skeleton Tree is a game of Russian Roulette.
Esp. when Drinking Spirits.

You don’t get over people through Time or Anything else.
You Learn how to fake their absence, dummy.

Life is a sick and twisted Road that sometimes arrays you with beauty.
Its not normal being a biological broken heart beat.
We are Animals walking and running for money on a huge ball that floats in black space.

and when its All Much too Much?
I visit Francis and Inquire about her Bread and Jam, shux*

I was Born to Eat My Own Broken Heart Over and Over Again.
I’m gonna make a great ghost
or Fallen

Ghosteen is MY Song 💔