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On the shoulders of a black rainbow…. .*


At least Death wasnae 3 fortnights Late like ER customer service...lost under strawberry city sidewalks.  It stares and reaches up from a center in the  grey grave iced over lake with scrawny ribbed 12 foot arm into your red August heart.  Going down like a Sumerian Sun into the warm distance of the ocean's simmering edge.

I waited all my Life.
At train stations, airports, Hospitals, in front of the quivering hush pink lips of the disappointing ice blue eyeless answer...
I waited my whole Life Long...and my ships drove me out, into a circle and docked again at port and left me colder than when we first sailed off...

Talked into dragging the lights...left alone under the eccense of meat and it's waverly strobes outlining my shivers, 9 different hues of black rainbows.

I can see the laughter and hear the ugly faces
I can see my disappointed tombstone embarassed at
me neglecting soft night time quiet hours for loud electric and plastique Rain

I hold on alone with a buzz going around me tilting of
blond hornets
and blood red chemical mimiographs
filling up my
boots oceanbed full of mildew
sirens with broken mouths leaking in towards the shore
I ain't even close to Home
when the black owls
dive into my short black song

This world had nothing for purchase in the first place
the swimming was always given...from your winter eyes

the  reflecting wolf grows silver
there is a better place to be
angelique arrow heads in the palms

under frozen waters with Faustus
under becomes over

my black Rainbow.

Born again
Living upside


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