I’m a Day Late and a Dollar short…  Again
June 22, 1936 ( baby 81 )  The birth of Mr. Kris Kristofferson

I’ve heard talk about how maybe Mr. Kristofferson’s mind ain’t as sharp as it use ta be, but the way I figure, is that if you’ve lived a life that full, then maybe some of the early’time memories have just been stored away in weather worn suitcases of the mind where they belong in order to make room for new ones.  Hell, most folks got memories the size of hamster box fortnights, it ain’t easy having a warehouse upstairs in ya head and further more, any man who has dated Janis Joplin and lived and could still have the patience to take the time to be generous to the likes of crazy little me, is one tough and beautiful som’bitch.
Bless your Heart Kris, my all too human mentor and favorite singer songwriter since the age of 3…
Happy Birthday Big Dad