June 15, 1989 Nirvana and Sub Pop Release the BLEACH Lp

Man, i was living in Bellevue, Washington working at the SHELL gas station experiencing my first Panic Attacks and flying over the sandwich counter like a solider into a fox hole every time one came on strong. I was working on getting a band happening, drinking lots of Rainier Green Death Ale, feeling Mesa Boogie and working part time cleaning offices at night.  There was a girl name Brenda constantly groping for my conch every time i put Bleach on the turntable and my 2 roommates were completely zoiks.  I had always imagined Kurt Kobain to be a 6 foot tall long black haired redneck living in a log cabin mainlining Acid, cakes on the griddle and drawing in Children’s coloring books cos I had only heard him, never seen him.  I was dropping green gel Acid and seeing Blue All day long and me and the not-so-wise-men-three listened to Bleach Every Single Day.  It was a musical approach I had never heard like Black Sabbath meets The Cure and I was into the Dracula Hee-Haw of it all.  Negative Creep really got me in the sweetheart box and was an instant favorite as well as YOU’RE IN HIGH SCHOOL AGAIN / NO RECESS!
BLEACH kept spinning on the turntable and then there was an overdose and somebody blew.  There was more jugs, a new stripper roommate, a cracked in half bog and a passed out lard’ass.  There was a wanna be vampire and a mysterious black man on drums, there was Larry the Alcoholic who was always klackin’ at the window for drugs and hard liq with a mighty sick dog thirst and yes, over the ramparts we blew and blew again, BLEACH kept spinning, the Acid was ON, I kept seeing the local Elephant Man from around the area at SHELL, half his head the size of a suitcase and smokin’ grass from a chrome purple pipe and more Mesa Boogie and No Needles Allowed was my Motto and there were burned pans and burned spoons and egg on the wall, Jesus Christ and Doc Martins, Our Own Private 9th Circle of Hell right there in Bellevue, Washington and BLEACH got me through my entire stay in Seattle before i booked for Hollywood and left everyone behind to become an addict or die.  Would you believe it?
Just my Luck.