“You’ve been wandering around here for awhile now, do you want me to help you?”
“I don’t know if you can.”
“You’ll never know til you to ask.”
“My dad really wants Wilco Being There box set on Lp and I only have $10. My mom doesn’t like him any more so she won’t help. I don’t want him to think I don’t like him too.”
“That’s fairly expensive kid.”
” My friend said you might help but I understand if you can’t.”
“I didn’t say no yet.”
“I was going to try a steal one but I don’t want to go to hell.”
“It’s okay kid, a friend of mine gave me some money for cases just like this and her favorite band is Wilco.”
“I don’t think I’ll be able to get any money for it later as I’m too young for a job.”
“I don’t want the money kid, I want you to continue being a good kid and making good decisions like you did today.”
“So you’ll help me?”
“No you helped yourself by not being too proud to ask, hope you dad enjoys it. Make sure to tell him you love him too.”
“Thanks mister, you’re not so scary.”
“I would of been if you tried to steal it.”

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