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THE OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR ( MY BLACK HEART / MATT BOROFF ) ASK iAN * IT SHINES     S H O N E !   Published on Mar 12, 2013 Muisc video by Daniel Biegger and Matt Boroff for – My Black Heart, the first single from the upcoming Matt Boroff album – I’m the mask. (C) 2013 Matt Boroff Daniel Biegger —

Remember… * A.i.

Remember, one who enjoys more is bound to suffer more because she/he becomes very sensitive. But suffering is not bad. If you understand it rightly, suffering is a cleansing. If you understand it rightly, sadness has a depth to it which no happiness can ever have. A person who is simply happy is always superficial. […]


Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ‘Specter At The Feast’ By Live4ever – Posted on 11 Mar 2013 at 5:42am   There’s something about Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, you know. They shouldn’t be this cool. Sometimes they play like angry, dirty punks; sometimes they play like they’re in a psychedelic space trance. They sing about […]


The third Gathering Of The Clouds has come and gone and I believe spring and motorcycles are in order for my next course of action. When an under taking of this magnitude gets rolling you instantly realize how much trust, effort and communication it takes. The proverbial stacking of marbles and the details the devil […]