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Ask iAN * Rev’evolution & Painting over History

  I was talking with J Spaceman of Spiritualized after a show once  and he informed me that he had just got back from New York  and added that this time he was really turned off by how clean it was.  He  went on to say that New York had lost most if not all of it’s funk, said […]

Ask iAN * Moe no wants to know…. .*

  Get yerself a pair of black surgical gloves and once the subject is under sedation apply/insert the enema and quickly proceed to administer the arsenic*  Wait.  What was the question?  Oh!  Sorry…I got your question confused with another subject matter than has been heavy on my mind as of late…scratch that. Get yourself a pair of […]

Ask iAN * Ice Caked black mourning Bones*

  Snow White woven Winter born burned bitches melt like chizzled diamonds of dead baseball boys last grasp and the hunted down spazmodique gowns with the lazy lisp slow clutching and hands on invisible bicycle bars…. Frozen dogs sit next to stoves bleeding their paw prints isolated woes pinpricks and tailspins i could have lost […]

Ask iAN Jukebox * Pretend*

Ask iAN * Demons & Wisdom

ALWAYS. Always Roll with the Demons…The demons are the new Road The Road Less Traveled.  Wisdom is what you have already learned. Maybe God doesn’t play dice but You should ya gotta gamble to get in on the game. Without an impulsive personality sometimes you can freeze up and miss out on a moment that […]