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ASK iAN *** Gathering Clouds & Tricking Time with Overcasters * Spindrift & Friends

Tricking Time Once Again…and Shining. Touching People’s Lives by Remembering Yesterday Celebrating Today and Inspiring Tomorrow’s MemoriesĀ  * The Oath of the Brown Palace Spirits I sat in the new world order Denver airport smoking bar for nearly an hour waiting on the Overcasters…my cellphone was in a coma, i had lost my little piece […]

ASK iAN * It’s Hard Work being a Girl

It took a lot of courage to write in what you wrote and we won’t waste it. Women’s health issues are on the tableĀ  these days…and being a major Fan of Women…i am slightly shocked that as a country we are even re-hashing some of these things…kind of like questioning the idea of the wheel…i […]


I remember a girl i knew back in my school daze…and we could really make one another laugh… I remember she got pregnant, and felt like she couldn’t talk to her parents, or the cop that got her pregnant so she went to his apartment early one morning before school began and while he was […]

ASK iAN * RT N’ THE 44s

While in Los Angeles last week…i found myself at some strange soiree…David Lynch red rich ghost warm lights…soft slow dancing shadows…and i heard music coming from inside the house…i followed the tiny sound…like i was again walking through the hall of my Great Grandma Henning’s House towards the record playing room…a crackling Sears and Roebuck […]


it seems that no matter how much i plan a trip or play it loose from the hip, not by the book but play it by ear…something always gets swirlish…as in this trip. Just prior to my flight, i had gone to great lengths, to cut my hair, shave, shower and scrub my fracas into […]
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