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MOTHER…have I become a shipwrecked son? These burning hands…sharp as bleached red mirror shards…the dead hand nails wind into thin air…wit, twine, ghost damp cloth & beaded tilt lamplight…my hearing as sharp as the rocks on the way down into the jagged sea shark waves… This XXX palace of flat red light flesh won’t save… […]

ASK iAN * The simple dream we left behind

They outgrew true fun…simple high spirits…it just wasn’t enough to ride the wind under the sun now they are all electromagnetic virtual cubical little karate cubes partially aerosol 2 thirds pro life monster cola anti smoker orange and magnolia diet rite rockand rollas…*cough baby Trons mega block buster and empty at Heart sweet metal daffodils […]


Those without sympathy deserve dust… and Those Low on Empathy often choke on water When the world is again’ ya Champion yerself Misery Loves Company…Solitude is Best* The world is now locked down tight fuck it the world wasn’t meant to be saved…so save yerself. If you wanna change the world clean your own garage […]

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