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ASK iAN * There…I have Spoken my Peace*

Last Election i predicted who would win. I also predicted more of the same. There were no lesser of two evils so i did not vote, I just predicted the winner. This election is not a lesser of two evils it is Good v.s. 4 evils it’s cut and dry a no brainer you should […]

ASK iAN * Hitler ist tot, aber sein Geist verweilt …. .* ACTA

This is the new law that is trying to be passed through congress right now… It is big brother x1000. Scary shit… R.L.B.


Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have written the score for a documentary exploring the trial of the West Memphis Three, three men found guilty of murdering three 8 year old children in 1994. After 18 years in prison, the men were freed last year. The documentary charts the campaign to release the three men and […]

ASK iAN * My Cousin Kurt* / OVERCASTERS

America’s own Benji Franklin once said that fish and family company stink after 3 days…well he also had buried bodies under his crib, fucked around a lot with lightning and kites, he wrote some books about some shit and had the worst skull since the the crypt keeper….and i tell you that he is wrong […]

ASK iAN * Why Donate to Corporate Personhood Lickers when you can Help House of Dolls!

If you could give an angel wings then wouldn’t you? If you could keep a plane from crashing wouldn’t you mentally steer it towards the moon? Nothing feels better than helping a friend out and putting the guitar into lock, and opening the windows to set rock and roll free for us all to walk […]
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