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Ask iAN * Smokestack Lightning Leah

                                                                DON’T      FUCK     AROUND First of all…a good drummer is hard to find.  Finding a great drummer is next to impossible…especially one who has the time. I don’t rightly know how many bands I have played in so let’s just say quite a few and looking back on the drummers I’ve performed with, i remember […]

Ask iAN * Fucked Up BabyCakes

Los Angeles is the loneliest planet that I have ever trucked In… sad as cake on the sidewalk halfway broken a day old crackled bird spell spackled polka dotted blue bird shell rattled & death rotted… an endless hand on a sand fucked hi-way running like fake water through the concubinical digits… All those Hi-Rise […]

Ask iAN – Peter Hayes & The Proof of Trying….

  Reaching towards the muse can lead to the breaking hands and a minefield of exploding never before seen or heard of flowers…flowers of eruption..demolition…a DMZ of the mind, the body and the spirit tempered by her white siren song fires …or shall I say that being a musician and songwriter can sometimes jack you up. Last month as B.R.M.C. were fleshing […]

Ask iAN * Surfing the GunLight

Self ReguLated…sexy wet grass stoner dead dog park i’m unlisted in the white-Pages along with the Pagans She looked at me like a dog not knowing the difference between a crucifix & a Dildo Somebody in New York is making Quaint Coffee in an Octagon shaped spooler, and I say “fuck Them”. I walk around […]

Ask iAN * Gets to Play Holy Ghost B.R.M.C. Band Member for a Day

If you thought Nick Jago was a handful, then you ain’t got a Load of Me yet.  The band didn’t know what to do with me…if I wasn’t trying to squeeze their asses, or pick’pocket them, I was annoying them with my kamera, licking Leah’s armpit, resting on Rob’s knob or trying to steal Pete’s […]