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NOW You Know

Dennis, Perl & George with their show People most often think me rather odd and slightly strange…it’s ok…i thought it too…and then i found out that both sides of my family tree have sideshow/ carny blood and Amusement park blood.   That summed it up real quick.  One side of my family was building the first […]

Tell her Something…

  It’s almost 5am now and  i am wondering why we (NATO) killed  Gadhafi’s grandchildren…maybe for another Peace prize… I am drinking the cold beer and smoking the silk cuts and wondering why your wine failed you…I am pondering the mysteries of the past while also thinking about Gustav Klimt trying to get things done without […]


Jonah, Evan, (fans iAN & Pete)  I can’t say enough good things about these cats…so I’ll just say….We love ‘em.

Johnny Cash and the Crow

   iAN & Crow

Ask iAN – All Natural

  I don’t think you ever “Go” that way…something just breaks in the crackline of your soft defence and one snaps. Then you go to Riker’s Island and do hard time and learn the make-shift pussy blues. What you must remember is that good people like yourself often get fucked over. They didn’t kill Jesus […]