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Ask iAN * It Ain’t Hard

To Remember to hold the door open for Mothers with babes in their arms and old people or Say no to bad music It ain’t hard to stop letting others influence you with bad ideas think for yourself It isn’t hard to lighten up on yourself and it isn’t hard to be kind to others […]

Ask iAN Jukebox * Prison Songs – The Alan Lomax Collection 1947-48

Ask iAN * A gentle walk down Catatonique Lane

  Late night wide eyed in this silver lone ranger silent film light the trees bare dry fruit of old L.A. Weeklys, empty medicine bottles with a sliver extract of milky cataracts in the lopsided bottoms…it’s nights like these that sometimes help make sense of the stars above Nights like these when people mirror sling shots […]

Ask iAN * D*I*V*O*R*C*E

Like druqks & alcohol, divorce affects people differently. Like druqks & alcohol, people handle divorce differently. It’s fairly rare when two people can seperate and remain friends and helpful towards one another. My parents divorced when I was 4 and Like druqks & alcohol, divorce affects children differently, too.  That is why it is so […]

Ask iAN * Sara Churman is ready to Rockand Roll*

Hearing for the first time…. .* Heavy & Beautiful