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Spider White horse webs of new death white Hearts

Like setting a newspaper sailboat out on the river and chasing it down the stream that is all i do is let you go and follow I’m chasing some imagination of my Holy dream…one that I cannot catch… that slips away from my fingers like an Indian blue God, a sacred relic down a dirty […]

Repetition and Burn

The bullies, the lying lovers, the lost alcoholique bosses, the seekers of shame, dyslexique retribute and vengence…different mask the lot of ‘em…but the same old song, violence, and savage ending…makes an outsider, drowzy, nappy and happy to know they’ve shuffled off.  Yet just like ghost..mingled with sperm, they keep on comin’ back in different form… Some come on […]

a Jukebox Dedication…. . Well, I lived with one Well, I lived with one, I lived with two, I even lived with a third I wanna tell you about number one He was a miserable shitwringing turd Like he reminded me of some evil gnome Shakin hands was like shakin a hot, fat, oily bone Holdin on for […]

The weight and the master of blood

I don’t want to stay and I don’t want to go and when I shuffle away I feel I’m leaving you lost even though I carry you day in and day out, on my mind, in my sleep, in my heart and on my back… I too am lost, even with all that you taught me […]

The Wisdom of Harry Dean Stanton

  SS: Khrishnamurti said, “Relationship is the mirror in which the self is revealed.” How have the relationships in your life helped you to learn about yourself? Are there any that stand out? HDS: There have been hundreds. I learn about myself. There is no self. You learn you’re not a self. You learn you’re […]