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Ask iAN * An October Vagabond Nod to a dear Old friend…. .*

When Autumn comes Lushing in she always brings with her a dear old friend…Richard Le Gallienne book hunter romantique friend of Wilde’s unto the bully End… Arcane full of absinthe and green ales fairytales Love gone mad ruined, fucked, and killed away bicycle 70 miles a day gave those Nazis nothing… lived to a ripe […]

Ask iAN * Anonymous writes…. .*

    As I write this, I’ve got the world news on and the next story is about a woman who gave birth and two hours later, ran a marathon.  Good heavens…. .* I think the reason that most women are stronger than men comes down to History, design, and nature. In so many different cultures […]

Ask iAN * Last Ride Ambulance

There…your guitar being put away into it’s case/coffin as all your accumulated memories drift away like snowflakes from a winter white out wooden porch Sick your dog backed into a corner fielding off question marks like flying daggers nothing to do but follow you down the drain Time stands still as your x girlfriends break bread […]

Ask iAN * It Ain’t Hard

To Remember to hold the door open for Mothers with babes in their arms and old people or Say no to bad music It ain’t hard to stop letting others influence you with bad ideas think for yourself It isn’t hard to lighten up on yourself and it isn’t hard to be kind to others […]

Ask iAN Jukebox * Prison Songs – The Alan Lomax Collection 1947-48
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