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Ask iAN * Hitching a Ride into Nowhere

How does this work? This life without blueprint? Where in the hell are we going? I ask of you and all I ever got was dead dog bones squashed cats with empty sockets broken bike chains broken heart lockets the left over scent of dry red hair… What is this Tomb i am facing? I […]

Ask iAN * Women Wendy Rose Watson @  Zani Media     beth keating @ Drone Magazine…*   if… you don’t love Women…you were born with a dead heart inside.


Driving out to the cool palms of San Diego with my friends Jess & Shi…we hit the horse track of Del Mar and inside it was good n’ cruddy.  The fever was on these people…racing forms in hand, money ringing in their ears and the ghost of bukowski under their crummy footwear.  I bet the black […]

Ask iAN * The Warlocks make us wet

You know that feeling you get from your favorite pair of old jeans? That feeling you get when you put them on fresh out of the dryer? That feeling you get sliding them on without wearing panties? Yeah…that was this night. Bobby was in the bar…the room felt like crushed raspberry ice slush…like grape coloured […]

Ask iAN * Spindrift swirling at the Zorthian Ranch

The day had already started off Strange. My friend Armine picked me up.  There was no way in Hell that we could spend all day at the Folk Fest because we both knew that iAN + Sun + Alcohol = Passed Out Cold like a Knob.  I would have missed Spindrift’s show that was going […]