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BEFORE ELVIS…THIS PLACE WAS A FUCKING DESERT. Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977) BLESS YER BIG OL’ SOUL, E. THANK YOU

for K.E.G. & Mr. Phillip Bentley Greedy with Love


IF the fight was “fair” there would be no fight at all and that is why those with corrupted hearts gave birth to lies, deceit, falsehoods, false flags, false faces, empty words, because without cheating they were never much a match for Us. Choose the Heart of the Native American or the Life Crushing tools […]

Arturo Montoto – El elogio de la sombra / The elegy of the shadow, 1985.

ASK iAN * THE ROAD IS LONG…. .* He was a suicide…my friend…he was a suicide too… i sometimes think i feel his hot hand on my tattoo…where his name is sadly engraved into my arm… i like to sleep i like to steal away i like to let my mind drift i like to drive away… Suicide is leaving others to […]
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