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Ask iAN – Peter Hayes & The Proof of Trying….

  Reaching towards the muse can lead to the breaking hands and a minefield of exploding never before seen or heard of flowers…flowers of eruption..demolition…a DMZ of the mind, the body and the spirit tempered by her white siren song fires …or shall I say that being a musician and songwriter can sometimes jack you up. Last month as B.R.M.C. were fleshing […]

Ask iAN * Surfing the GunLight

Self ReguLated…sexy wet grass stoner dead dog park i’m unlisted in the white-Pages along with the Pagans She looked at me like a dog not knowing the difference between a crucifix & a Dildo Somebody in New York is making Quaint Coffee in an Octagon shaped spooler, and I say “fuck Them”. I walk around […]

Ask iAN * Gets to Play Holy Ghost B.R.M.C. Band Member for a Day

If you thought Nick Jago was a handful, then you ain’t got a Load of Me yet.  The band didn’t know what to do with me…if I wasn’t trying to squeeze their asses, or pick’pocket them, I was annoying them with my kamera, licking Leah’s armpit, resting on Rob’s knob or trying to steal Pete’s […]

Ask iAN * No Name

Where are we going? I dunno… What are we lookin’ for? A Life never ending… A way to raise the dead and heal the sick An end to tyranny An understanding in the age of modern discourse Salvation…and someone to wash away our tears, to heal the horses of war and to heal our eyes […]

Ask iAN* Becoming the Butterfly

First of all…. “Things” in Life Suck…Life doesn’t suck…but some “Things” inside of it Do. 2nd…You don’t “Need” to colour your hair get wasty and torn out or tattoo your titties or get ear rings the size of banana slices to feel less alone…etc, but I hear ya…yer tired and worn out from being the […]
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