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Ask iAN * No Name

Where are we going? I dunno… What are we lookin’ for? A Life never ending… A way to raise the dead and heal the sick An end to tyranny An understanding in the age of modern discourse Salvation…and someone to wash away our tears, to heal the horses of war and to heal our eyes […]

Ask iAN* Becoming the Butterfly

First of all…. “Things” in Life Suck…Life doesn’t suck…but some “Things” inside of it Do. 2nd…You don’t “Need” to colour your hair get wasty and torn out or tattoo your titties or get ear rings the size of banana slices to feel less alone…etc, but I hear ya…yer tired and worn out from being the […]

Ask iAN – Dying underneath the Air

As i search for my missing boot there is a morning damage waiting just for me… as i hold this baby bird to the incandescent light it’s life fades away, leaving me with a rotted out heart.  38 caliber holes shot clean through it, and looking upon these now dead wings born too small to […]

Ask iAN * Swirled Out in Los Angeles


Ask iAN * Images and Photobucket

Until the 4th of July most of the page is going to look like it’s under construction, thanks to a policy pulled straight from the brains of photobucket’s own arse.  It seems I had gone past my cock width, or cock band width…or some such silly tripe, bullshit, and nonsense…so I just wanted to apologize […]
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