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The Woman Organique

      and I have not been kind to all the women I have ever loved, then again I have never been perfect, my fair share and More of mistakes…but to really ponder the woman is something else, something suppressed, something like deity. Woman is an individual creature Most men cannot fathom…sex, cars, telephones, […]

Ask iAN – Dogs of Shame / Dogs of self respect / Dog Fleur

 - Photo by Nikki Pratchios/S.F. Dawn,        I agree with you, inside all of our hearts there is good and evil, but what I meant earlier was that if you don’t want some certain thing in your life, then don’t get to know it.  Don’t go dissecting it, don’t familiarize yourself with it and avoid […]

Speech of Aristophanes cheers to Dave

NOW You Know

Dennis, Perl & George with their show People most often think me rather odd and slightly strange…it’s ok…i thought it too…and then i found out that both sides of my family tree have sideshow/ carny blood and Amusement park blood.   That summed it up real quick.  One side of my family was building the first […]

Tell her Something…

  It’s almost 5am now and  i am wondering why we (NATO) killed  Gadhafi’s grandchildren…maybe for another Peace prize… I am drinking the cold beer and smoking the silk cuts and wondering why your wine failed you…I am pondering the mysteries of the past while also thinking about Gustav Klimt trying to get things done without […]
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