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Jonah, Evan, (fans iAN & Pete)  I can’t say enough good things about these cats…so I’ll just say….We love ‘em.

Johnny Cash and the Crow

   iAN & Crow

Ask iAN – All Natural

  I don’t think you ever “Go” that way…something just breaks in the crackline of your soft defence and one snaps. Then you go to Riker’s Island and do hard time and learn the make-shift pussy blues. What you must remember is that good people like yourself often get fucked over. They didn’t kill Jesus […]

Our shared & strange Wisdom

  It’s frightning to know what we know this melancholic perfume this hint of smiling poison these railroad tracks of Loss and the man or woman standing next to you as clueless as they fuckun’ come…to this entire world of intoxications, bad luck and spiritual nervous breakdown. Think for a flash if you will how […]

A Gentle Reminder

  dEATH reminds us of what we’ve lost forever but it should always remind you as well to keep your Rock and Roll turned ON & respect Yourself.
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