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Black & Blue Bible

We pay for poison with war coins and war bonds dripped through my fingers like poison college water money I quit changing my sheets and hit the streets Home Depot Walmart Office Depot Abigail’s tit Ranch I lost blood under Western skies fell back dead in Taxi cabs and woke up to blue gloved ambulance […]

Great Music Saves Lives

Affected Me? or did you mean inflicted afflicted or infected? Without music i wouldn’t be writing these words…I would be Dead. Dead as dead can be. Robert Been once said of BRMC that it’s not only a way of life but a medical condition as well. I thought that summed it up fairly well… Music […]

Love to Burn

No one to Love? Hell, i can’t stop falling in love…I mean did you see those vintage motorcycle jackets they sell for 12 hundred bucks down on Melrose?  Oh my Gawd, they smell like dawson’s creek in about 90 years…road worthy but with the odor of thousand year old sparkling vagina reduced down into a […]

You’re my kind of People

You point at strawberries and ask where they come from… you help the old carry in their garden bags.. you understood the sick from day one You ask the parishioner how the wounds are coming along you sing songs to the meek you leave infants to their sleep and let dogs sleep as well… You keep […]

Arizona Song

Too busy forgetting details and I am adrift again… when all i wanted was to belong to you… Granted, these days float away on borders bags and shoplifted torn off tags but this boy is empty and your sandy hair so so Neutrogena Rainairbath filthy an early summer abortion you write in rainbow colours on cheap […]
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