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Ask iAN * Gossip on the Go

Some buddy of mine thinks I’m in Los Angeles another friend thought she saw me in Las Vegas and there is a girl who thinks i’m struttin’ down Stratford Upon Avon with a hickory twist down the front of my trousers crashing cold glass pints of piss, cider and lager and my swelled up owl […]

Ask iAN * Motor Oil Rainbows

The bed i slept in as a little boy heaped onto the pyre the slow licking flames that swallow our names into less than little mountains blown from ashtrays at dive-bars into alleyways… All my lil’ cowboys and indians buried in their sleepy little childhood graves in dead playmate’s sold away yards of yesteryears…they’ve gone away […]

Ask iAN * HANK – August 16th 1920

    Like the word Love, the word Bukowski can also seem dropped too often and too easy…and far too many people use these words  for the wrong reason.  You will never find me in any Charles Bukowski fanclub or at any “bukowski night” poetry reading When i think of him I think of us, […]

Ask iAN * Riot City blues U.K.

    I should probably be more “rockand roll” and say something like Jim Morrison did when he said he was interested in anything to do with chaos, but i’ll probably take the Morrissey route and say that I find all the chaos rather dreary… I was living in the heart of Hollywood during the […]

Ask iAN * Hitching a Ride into Nowhere

How does this work? This life without blueprint? Where in the hell are we going? I ask of you and all I ever got was dead dog bones squashed cats with empty sockets broken bike chains broken heart lockets the left over scent of dry red hair… What is this Tomb i am facing? I […]
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