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The stinking road to Golgotha

A pack of smokes lying open like a mute’s jaw under the antique lamp a morning hour reprieve from the battle of mourning The piano is still sleeping as a dream lays curled up in a black ball at the lower lip of the fireplace… it’s quite a world outside, all the those unanswered wishes in […]

Free the West Memphis 3

i was Old before i was Ever Young

    This heart caught between centuries of shame & thousands of years of malpractice and the dampshirt coldness of blackmailers I cross the black snake river bed, coughing up blood and trying to tilt my head in the correct direction of the ever-changing stars and moodswings of my lost Love I got born crashed onto […]

Crystal 8ball

    Reply very fuckun’ Peter hazy. I haven’t shared an 8ball of cocaine in quite a few years…i’m not the kinda fellow you wanna see on Cocaine. My friend Mike, who works as a bouncer and bartender has for years always threatened people that he would break off their neck if he found out that […]


  Brother Pete & iAN in San Franciso Well Aaron, from one shit kicker to another shit kicker get busy living honky tonk brother…San Francisco is a great place to spead your shit on wings…it’s hard to believe that such a place could feel so lonely and haunted at times…but then again, a lot of […]
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