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The Graves

they make all the difference in the world…                                                                     what you may have felt was important, collectible, worth your while, amusing or keep sakeful…just loses it’s majik when the people and animals you so Loved go away. They take to their graves secrets, your heart and things you held dear… I hold nothing now I […]

Brothel alley hideaway

  Lickin’ at mah wounds like a dog licks his little siren in the saigon rain I am fate’s prostitute…lickin’ mah wounds as I turn up my collar and puff on a damp cigarette…hairspray leakin’ down into the cuts where my eyes should be I cry…like a world war II mama for her dog bone […]

The stinking road to Golgotha

A pack of smokes lying open like a mute’s jaw under the antique lamp a morning hour reprieve from the battle of mourning The piano is still sleeping as a dream lays curled up in a black ball at the lower lip of the fireplace… it’s quite a world outside, all the those unanswered wishes in […]

Free the West Memphis 3

i was Old before i was Ever Young

    This heart caught between centuries of shame & thousands of years of malpractice and the dampshirt coldness of blackmailers I cross the black snake river bed, coughing up blood and trying to tilt my head in the correct direction of the ever-changing stars and moodswings of my lost Love I got born crashed onto […]
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