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ASK iAN * We Don’t Serve Mediocrity here*

I have a horror of not rising above mediocrity. Robert Baldwin Created by the Great and Timeless NINA THEDA BLACK (Thank You)


Sometimes…someone you’ve never met can unintentionally  have a major positive effect upon your life.  Wally Nicgorski did that for me…he didn’t even try…but he brought me much Joy…just by being himself and who he was.  So many different roads he could have taken in his life, so many opposite decisions he could have made…and for […]

ASK iAN * Take Them On…. .*

ON YOUR OWN* I keep waiting to see who’s gonna say the things I need to know…..You take them On…On your Own**** ** The Asháninka or Asháninca * Peru – Acre*Brazil N*


I bumped into this cat, Gene on the interwebz…he stole my heart and I asked him to write something for us….read and learn…learn and live…live long and prosper….prosper and burn….burn it into the eyes….wisdom is a wheel….let’s roll motherfuckers… The War on Terror is a tangle of corpses knotted around the world’s throat. We are […]

ASK iAN * i’M On A Wire to See Your Star….. *Shine

Omar! Goodnuss Grief yung Sir! Never ask a Great Chef his saucy secrets! Never ask Houdini about his weenie! Never ask Evil Kan’evil about his motorcycle dong work! Don’t be drawn to the temptation of the Pandora’s lockbox kind Sir! Good heavens Omar! Listen here…it’s not about somebody telling you what the secret of the […]
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