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They sell these cards at drugstores that say Happy belated Birthday…I buy them by the dozens…cause it’s better late than never, so they say… Happy belated Birthday Michael i was just thinking about you the other day…probably on your very birthday…i was buying apples. Thank You for your Love, Light, and strength. 3/20/2012   3:33am Michael […]


The Pack A.D. is a garage rock duo from Vancouver, BC. Formed in 2006, The Pack A.D. consists of singer/songwriter/guitarist Becky Black and drummer/songwriter Maya Miller. The Pack A.D. has so far released four studio albums on Mint Records. Last night as i was flipping out (nightly occurence) my buddy Barbara sent me some music […]

ASK iAN * TI JEAN * March 12, 1922 – October 21, 1969

As usual, i am a day late and a dollar short, thus making yesterday Jack Kerouac’s birthday. I don’t relate too much to modern america these days with our psycho political & obsolete religiosity standards it makes it somewhat difficult to call myself a proud american. However, when i think to those i gaze upon […]

ASK iAN * The Monster is On the Operating Table…

I would really love to answer how soon is soon for ya Pete, but that is one question that even Ask iAN cannot make out in his black crystal ball…the ball shows only a fire burning in it’s murky water and black smoke innards… I can tell you this. The heavens have been plundered… as […]

ASK iAN * Bono, Butterflies, Panic Attacks, Death, Life and Fire* Yer out there, sussing out this / sussing out that yer learning about the world as you wander through it…you are meeting people…some favorable some foul so i wouldn’t confuse that with being lost…I mean hell, we are all lost… yer not a little girl, and yer ain’t lost… Just because a person is […]
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