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Arturo Montoto – El elogio de la sombra / The elegy of the shadow, 1985.

ASK iAN * THE ROAD IS LONG…. .* He was a suicide…my friend…he was a suicide too… i sometimes think i feel his hot hand on my tattoo…where his name is sadly engraved into my arm… i like to sleep i like to steal away i like to let my mind drift i like to drive away… Suicide is leaving others to […]


Sometimes it comes to Us early in Life sometimes it comes in the middle…and most often of All it comes to Us when we are far past caring… Letting Go. That means letting go of Flowers Rain dog barks all the things we take for granted… the postman clicking shut the mailbox, the paperboy’s Sunday […]

ASK iAN * The Flowers of Assassination A floating chess board a rib cage sick as the dried up guts of the Grand Canyon and a memory charred blacker than a burned Rolodex my wristwatch in the Rubbish bin earthbound chains becoming unwanted skyline freedom whips i am here i am there i’m all over the shoppe something to help me […]

ASK iAN * Cut The Motherfucker Loose*

Burn his jeans. scrub your asshole klean with his toothbrush send his mother your VHS fuck tapes fuck his best friend drop the hair dryer in his bathtub as he scrubs away with rubber ducky… Not Really. Walk Away and Promise yourself to never look back… Set your sights on a higher horizon… Forgive him […]
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