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I wanted to send a very special THANK YOU to Miss Jessi for her kindness in sending me some great drugs through the mail. I want to thank Her for taking the time out of her busy day to go to the trouble to send me my first Ask iAN Drugs. She sent two very […]


  We always kill the good guys and let the demons run amok * Bill Hicks Morality is Dead on a whole except for in the Individual – Me You can’t be idealistic all your life, son – Frank Stark EXCEPT TO YOURSELF – Jim Stark  (James Dean) *From Rebel without a Cause* It’s been wrong since […]

Ask iAN – Books N’ Sniffles


Hi iAN,  The EP will be available very soon on Outlier Records website.  Give our email to Alex M. please… evol Paul  (DEAD MANTRA) AND THERE YOU HAVE IT ALEX…STRAIGHT FROM THE SWAMI’S 3RD EYE MOUTH CHEERS iAN

Wheels, Miles and a Cigarette – Ask iAN

 iAN & Pete in the Eye of the Wheel  Past the churches stuffed to the lungs with fanatiques past the bars, haunted graveyards, past the fog over the ocean and the lonesome fields Driving past I-Hops, flea bag motels, truckstops, and dead animals on the highway, past the funeral marches, the farms, car wrecks, police arrest, […]