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Interview with Malia James, the restless muse by Armine Iknadossian

This restless muse recovers from touring with the Dum Dum Girls by diving into her latest project, directing Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s teaser videos for their upcoming album Specter at the Feast. Rekwired gets a few minutes with the ever-busy, beautiful and talented renaissance woman. Rekwired: The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club teaser videos you directed […]


Jonah’s sweet friends from Booker T Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts threw him a Surprise CONGRATULATIONS Party on getting to Open for BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB!!! I think they are almost as excited as he is Thank YOU iAN, Cathy and B.R.M.C!!!!! KELLY MUELLER SMITH ( THE MOM, DAMN IT!)   […]


ASK iAN * A fly swatter and a bucket of napalm to grind my teeth in – (babe shadow)

i been passed out on the tarmac suckin’ on jet lag fumes.  – babe shadow*                                                                                        

ASK iAN * i’d Rather Die Than Be Livin’ Like U *         avedon/clark/etc…. .*
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