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The only time it’s too Late is when you’re Dead. The Universe and You have infinite amounts of possibility & Spirit.  You have to dump fear in the traush can and put your right foot out there, then yer left, and so on…and don’t listen to “them” should you have a fire in your heart […]

Flowers crawl my Ancient face… .*

wet Roses….wild briar….blood oranges…just beyond the blood….. we have a need for yellow flowers at our ankles…and the moon at our back like an oval crown of soft and faceless pussypink glassen shell…we need to touch dry wood….have our face frozen strawberrie by water…we need to get sick under the Sharp Sun like rusty knives […]

Dead flying birds i keep trapped in my Heart

Empty out the coffins of my family and friends and suicides, empty the buckets of pets…empty the birds and that one that died right in my hand…empty those crypts of butterflies that fough for life like soldiers in vain..the moths…the bumble bees…empty the sky like deep black dirt inside of my heart….i feel like I […]

And that was how We Ended….in sorrow…. .*

I have dreamt all my life that i would be held warm inside of a Christmas wolf fur hug…and i keep falling into the grave.. God damn why can’t i escape this? Did i ask why Again?  Damn it…. Someday nobody will remember the photos of  me when i was a little boy Someday my […]

    I can tell you this Flo.  Everything I hate about Music in the last 60 years?  They are the opposite.  Like some strange wooden electric plasma that just gets reshaped, added down, broken down, stitched together, fibers are added…juices are added and subtracted, medicines are snuck in, spirits are introduced, and this mass […]